I-LP-O In Dub: Communist Dub (2LP, Editions Mego, May 2015)

The more-elusive half of Pan Sonic doing Jamaican dub? Yes, please! This is Ilpo Väisänen’s first solo release in a decade. Some tracks are a sort of highly-abstracted dub, sparse things formed of hollow clanking sounds which you could imagine have been reverberating around the ghost of the Black Ark for years. Some tracks add in increasingly dense accumulations of skittering dancehall rhythms. Some tracks a sort of dub-inflected industrial noise, combining both the previous elements with the sort of fat buzzing sounds you’d associate with Pan Sonic. By the end, it’s achieved an unexpected intensity. It taken me some listening to get my head around it, but the overall effect is very satisfying.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Electronic.

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