Jane Weaver: The Silver Globe (CD, Finders Keepers, October 2014)

After my first couple of listens, the impression I was left with was a really dense prog, all swirling psychedelic synths and heavy rotating basslines, leavened by the sophisticated sweetness of Weaver’s vocals (her background in folk really coming through). And, indeed, that’s a decent description of about half the tracks, including the first two proper tracks (discounting the intro). It was only later that I noticed the lighter moments, those vocals even more strongly showcased over a more pared-down backing of, say, bass and a simple beat, or a more minimal synth line. I guess the fact that it took me a while to really notice those tracks highlights the problem with them: they feel a bit like filler between the more epicly cosmic numbers. Those epicly cosmic numbers are pretty good fun, though, with top-rate 70s-style wigging-out taken to another level by those really rather special vocals.

I bought this from the label.

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