Terrence Dixon: From The Far Future Pt. 2 (CD, Tresor, October 2012)

Given Terrence Dixon’s history, you could expect a little bit of old-skool here. In fact, what you get is a lot of little bits of various types of old-skool: from the poppier side of first-gen Detroit à la Metroplex (an old haunt of his) to dark pounding minimal à la Robert Hood to bloopy underwater techno à la Drexciya to atmospheric thumpers à la… I dunno, Jeff Mills half an hour into a six hour set, maybe. It’s both complex and accessible and I probably ought to like it more than I do. As it is, I think there are some great elements here, but when you put them all together the album is just a teeny bit underwhelming.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Techno / House.

Your turn! What do you think?